Workshop has a Roof!

It has been a long journey and the road just keeps on winding and turning seemingly having no end, but today we have a roof! A defined space we can imagine the dust in the air and the smell of wood being cut and molded… oh wait, that’s the construction crew. None the less a space to start laying out the shop that ultimately will produce that fine smell of progress such as a woodworking shops do.

Looking from back of shop towards entry

The space is roughly 1000 sq.ft. and open with no columns or partition walls. It is by no means the largest shop I have ever worked in nor the smallest. The size is based on the last shop I had in NJ which worked very well except I had to contend with lower ceilings and steel post. Now, without those hindrances and with the added height and width of the entry we look to expand on what we had started so many years ago.

With the end in site I have been tinkering with some smaller projects here in NJ in our beloved, but somewhat dainty, garage below our condo. Yes, one can do woodworking in a condo ‘garage’ when determined to do so. Being limited on space I resurrected an old talent that many have used in woodworking but I have never attempted. This was a skill that I first picked up when in the service working with fiberglass, and later carbon fiber, and now have incorporated into woodworking as many others have (think skateboards and 70’s furniture). Expanding into the world of vacuum forming I hope to incorporate this into future projects expanding design capabilities.

Hope to be in the new space laying out the next project and to continue to expand on vacuum forming and later steam….Oh the possibilities!

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  1. Renee

    Love love love it. So exciting. Can hardly wait to see the workshop in motion

  2. Paul D

    Seen the new shop on December 12th, and it looks great. I am so looking forward to seeing it in the near future producting quality wood products.

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