Welcome to Melded Bear

Welcome to Melded Bear. We hope that you stick with us through this journey and in the end enjoy all that our business will have to offer, and along the way, hopefully get inspired to follow your own path to happiness and freedom.

To start the story behind Melded Bear we have to go back nearly ten years to a basement in a small south Jersey town, a basement better fit for what basements are fit to do; store junk and utilities. This basement came to serve as the foundation for what now is a journey well on it’s way. Now packed up in storage is the equipment and tools that started this journey as the home in New Jersey is sold and work is about to begin on a shop in the foothills of the great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. Along the way there were many sacrifices, hopeless moments, sleepless nights and euphoric moments where we thought we could do no wrong. Since those early days we’ve married, sent a son off to college, and have a daughter entering her Junior year of high school. What better time to restart our lives together….

The basement where it all started after all the equipment was removed

We want to share the remainder of this journey with you in hopes to inspire others who have had similar dreams of packing it all up and starting over, but hesitate. That hesitation turns into procrastination which inevitably turns into dashed hopes and broken dreams. What stops them? Same thing that stopped us so many times before; almost every time it’s fear. Fear of the uncertain, unknown, the letting go of what has become familiar and comfortable. An unspoken promise that if they get up every day and do what they have always done nothing can go wrong….and nothing will change. Which is exactly what they want, change.

Future NC site

For them, and you, we offer this. We will share how we have gotten to this point; the right decisions along with the ones that clearly went awry. How we set up a budget that worked for us, and hopefully can work for you, what we sacrificed for that budget and what we should have sacrificed from the beginning (and there is always more but will save that for another post). Our time line and how we came up with it as well as the time line for construction of our home and workshop. From a perspective of a couple who have never had a home built we will share with you this rather complex task and, to make it even more daunting, doing it during a pandemic….yay!

With this we hope that a transition to a functioning business, closer to family, in an area the two of us fell in love with after our first visit will prove that sometimes the road less traveled truly does make all the difference.

Hope you enjoy the journey with us and find your own path…..hopefully with less bumps in the road.

Chris and Bree

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