Spalted beech clock

This was something we have been wanting to make for awhile now and finally were able to produce two of them. They are approximately 9″ in diameter and 2″ thick made from spalted beech that has been waiting around in the shop a few years now just waiting for this moment to shine.

For those not familiar with spalted wood (as we were not until someone explained what it meant); it is wood that has begun the rotting process which generates those varying colors and veining throughout the wood. It also leads to cracking in many cases as can be seen in these pieces of which we filled with a two part epoxy. This does two things: mainly stops it from cracking further and falling apart, but also adds another layer of interest to the piece.

Working with this type of wood offers many challenges as the density of the piece varies wildly with the degree of decay across the piece. Some areas are still fairly dense and react as expected while others, not so dense. The problems this presents can be frustrating to say the least, but the end result is worth it. In the future we hope to make many more of these as we come across more spalted wood.

Second clock face
Second clock
Second clock

We are hoping whoever takes these home appreciates them and enjoys them for their simple, yet arguably most unique character.

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