Rolling Pins

The latest products to literally be rolling out of the shop are a variety of rolling pins. Made, as always, to be functional as well as beautiful these pins are made with cherry and maple, or a combination of the two for the pin, and a variety of other woods including some exotics for the handles. All parts are finished with a food grade finish and assembled with stainless steel and nylon bushings.

The idea to do rolling pins came after continuous attempts to use a chain store bought rolling pin ending with the same dismal results. Although, seemingly a simple design and basic function, round and it rolls, the fit and size left much to be desired. So with that we set out to produce something not only suitable for every day use in the kitchen but, could also be happily displayed.

We are happy to offer such a rolling pin for your kitchen and look forward to hearing your feedback here on what you like, and even though it might not be what we hope to here, what you don’t like.

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