Retirement shadow box

This was a shadow box I made for a fellow coworker a few years back. He had served in the Army before going to work at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for a number of years and lastly coming to work for the Air Force before retiring. The interior display was done with the help of other coworkers which really brought this project together. The great thing about these projects is no two are the same. Each one contains personal and unique items to be incorporated into a one of a kind show piece.

The shadow box is a very common retirement gift within the military as it allows you to display decorations, flags, and even uniforms (when creatively folded). This one was done with maple and walnut for the box; maple for the main structure and walnut for the inlay border on top, splines for the corners, and lastly for the bottom trim. This was a pleasure to make and hoping to make many more in the future.

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