Over The Top Shadow Box

This is by far the largest shadow box I have built, and also one of the most complex given the additional flag area and the Hap Arnold Wings design added over the decorations section. At over three feet tall and two feet wide it was large, heavy, and most definitely not forgettable. You will have to forgive me for the lack of production photos and quality of the only photos I do have as this was one of two projects made while closing down the shop in NJ.

Hap Arnold Wings shadow box
Full finished shadow box

The design is based on the Hap Arnold wings and the top stripe of the US Air Force master sergeant rank. The idea to combine these two elements came from the service member wanting to encompass the traditional (Hap Arnold wings) and the present (his rank at retirement) then giving me “artistic freedom” in joining them with the shadow box elements. Being the design elements were already set, as you cannot change the wings or rank, the only hurdle was to have them proportioned correctly and still have enough room for the shadow box section and not be too gigantic in the end. To add the flag and the decorations the top is removable and the glass slides out from the top giving access to everything inside. This also allows the cushioned backing to be removed to fasten to a wall if desired.

This shadow box was completed at the request of a retiring Air Force master sergeant who I had worked with, and as with any request of this nature I will always find a way to oblige. It was a pleasure and an honor being trusted with this project.

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