Olivewood Spoon Rest

A spoon rest can be just that, a place for a spoon to rest. Keeps your counter clean and tidy with little fuss. Sits discretely amongst the salt and pepper shakers nestled neatly in the background such as any other wallflower, but not this one. Meant to be the center of attention and the life of the kitchen utensil party it is attractive and humble as any unicorn should be. As beautiful as it is it didn’t start that way.

In all her waxy glory

From the supplier it is hard to even tell what it is beneath that waxy complexion and rough exterior. So to the scraper and sander we start peeling away the layers keeping our fingers crossed we didn’t pick a dud and have a gem hidden inside. It didn’t take long to know the answer and were thrilled with what was underneath.

The big reveal

So thrilled with our selection now was the time to really get to work, With the use of some off the shelf traditional spoon rest as templates and an idea of everything we don’t like about them (not much, it is pretty straight forward in how they function) we lay out our cuts and get to work.

Using the band saw for the rough cuts then a carving attachment on our angle grinder to create the dish area for the spoon we finished the rest with scrapers and sanding blocks. The finish is a food grade mineral spirit applied twice over two days then hand buffed to our final product.

We are hoping to find some happy homes for these where they will be admired and enjoyed for more than just a place to rest a weary spoon.

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