Jewelry Tree

Being limited by space and resources now working within the confines of a condo ‘garage’ I have ventured into varying techniques of wood bending. This was my first attempt and have since fallen in love with the unlimited potential of this process. This particular project I used molds and clamps to form veneer layers into the shapes I wanted, a jewelry tree!

Laminate Jewelry Tree

Took a few attempts at getting the molds just right but found making them from MDF (Medium Density Fiber) boards allowed for easy adjustments and did not crack when clamping. Using a jigsaw (no room for a bandsaw in the expansive garage) and a benchtop spindle sander was able to make adjustments to the design and make notches to add room for clamps; many, many clamps. The first attempt was using pine and then the second was with some scrap oak but when clamping they cracked along the grain. MDF proved to work the best.

For the finish on this I went with a spray on lacquer, three coats. Nothing fancy and followed with steel wool to clean it up. Moving forward I will be adding a square dowel through the center to make joining the pieces easier and also to allow for adding one more layer of ‘branches’. This first prototype is currently residing with the wife awaiting long term trial results. Short term results have been positive and duly noted in the logs with emphasis on the ideal improvements and that nothing has broken or worn out yet. We wait patiently for the final assessment.

With the jewels

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    Love love love it. Very unique and different.

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