Candle sticks

After much deliberation with the wife over what candle sticks would be more popular, we decided to just throw caution into the wind and make a variety of these traditional pieces along side our more modern pieces we originally did as a centerpiece at our wedding (which more details of that can be found in another post).

With that said, these are approximately 5 3/8″ tall with a base measuring between 1 3/4″ to 2″. They are simplistic in design with subtle flares of whimsy to set them apart from their brethren. Each one started as a blank of either a solid piece, or of a laminate of various pieces.

Before turning the checkered sticks
Initial turning to largest diameter

After the blocks are prepped the remaining process is the same to create each of our candle sticks with an initial turning to the base size before marking and turning the rest. These are a pleasure to make and hope to be making many more in the future. As always we look forward to hearing feedback and ideas.

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