The Business

Welcome to Melded Bear! We are what one would consider your average, middle class American couple; each previously married, each with one child, each finding, as we grow, our priorities and needs are changing. Over the last few years, we have become aware of new possibilities we never saw before and have chosen to pursue them with a newfound enthusiasm for life. As we set out on this new adventure, we face the challenges and accept the sacrifices necessary in making this new life a reality. We are excited to embark on this journey of change, challenge, and joy with you, and hope it can inspire you to start your own journey.

We decided to start this website before having our new business location established in order to share our journey with others. We want to share our dreams and aspirations and the results of our efforts for others to learn from and hopefully inspire them to take on their own adventure. From this hopefully we can save them from repeating some of our inevitable mistakes. We will share our bad decisions as well as our triumphant moments for others to base their own plan on. If you decide what we do doesn’t work for you, we invite you to share your own experience. We won’t be offended…..promise. It is all part of that creative process. In the end, whether you decide to pursue your own adventure or are happy where you are, we do hope you will stay with us to enjoy our future projects. We will be offering woodworking products and ideas for you as well as for the young ones in your life!

The People

Chris has been working in equipment maintenance, to include fabrication and welding for nearly 20 years, and as a side business, has been practicing and perfecting his woodworking craft for nearly as long. Chris’ passion and what he stays up nights thinking about has always been woodworking, and he has always dreamed of turning his passion into a full time endeavor.

By the time Chris met his future bride, Bree, he had already planned how he would transition to this new career. It was a full proof plan…or so he thought. However, it involved living on a boat and working in a small, rented shed…..real stuff there; right? He was convinced his plan would have worked, but it was not fully thought out and not conducive to his new budding relationship with his future bride. What did work in his favor is that Chris had a financial plan, the foundation of any endeavor.

Wedding Hands

You may read the paragraph above and think that they both had this plan, this pursuit of possibilities that was sure to be an immediate success. For you future entrepreneurs, here’s the first tip: do not discuss quitting your job and chasing your dream on your first date. Chris’ future wife Bree did not share this dream. In fact, when they met, she was already established in a good career as an educational administrator. Prior to this she worked in grants and was an assistant principal for 8 years. She was very happy where she was and comfortable in her career; education is her passion. To add to this, her daughter was a high school freshman, and she had no plans of moving until her daughter graduated college. Then they met, and life as they knew it has never been the same.

After, in her words, falling head over heels for her future husband, she was able to see a future she could not have imagined before. For the record, Chris saved mentioning living on a boat until much, much later. Bree had always said she would move South one day and secretly hoped her daughter would go to a southern school and establish herself down South giving Bree an excuse to move down there when she was ready. Their meeting was the catalyst she needed to awaken her to the possibilities that lingered in the back of her mind. A chance meeting, a passing word or thought, longer conversations that inspired change; now, a new path in life and a gamble they pray will leave them smiling. Now they are both staying up, restless until they get back to work on these new possibilities.