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Welcome to Melded Bear!

A Western North Caroline based business for creative, unique, and custom products.

Melded Bear

Finding creative solutions.

We strive to produce creative solutions for every customer who desires a one-of-a-kind item. With endless possibilities and imagination, we hope to find that creative solution to meet your needs.

Mirrorred cabinet hinge

Melded Bear

Uniquely based in tradition

Understanding the value of timeless design, we look to these styles, techniques, and forms for inspiration when designing and creating new items. There is a reason some techniques and designs stand the test of time, and we look to incorporate those features into our products.

Life in Woodworking

Join us as we create new adventures in woodworking, and occasionally set something on fire with a torch. So, you say you cant weld wood together; let’s test that theory. Those types of adventures. Ultimately we hope what we create is something you will love.

Melded Bear

Custom work for a patriot.

From a family who served to those who have, and still do, we will always be thankful and find it an honor to create items that can only begin to show our appreciation.

Melded Bear

A sampling from our shop in WNC.

Oftentimes the road less traveled yields the greatest rewards. With open minds and broad shoulders, we set out on those paths with a sense of optimism and excitement. Take a look at our latest fantastical idea. (WNC: Western North Carolina)

Melded Bear

A place for style

We have style and are not afraid to share that with friends and family. Style is not always pretty, not always gentle, and many times takes genuine courage to pull off, but when it happens you recognize it. Welcome to Melded Bear, please explore and Join us for more stylish updates!

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